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Happy Easter!

It’s a gorgeous Easter morning here in Armstrong County!


Enjoy this beautiful day! I’m off shortly to look through the cows, then I’ll tag a few calves that our heifers has last night and ride my pretty colt, Fridge. And it’s going to be one of those rare, windless, stunningly beautiful days outside so I may have to saddle another horse or three!

How are you spending your Easter?

Happy trails!

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A Blue, Blue Sky - a Photography Tutorial

A Blue, Blue Sky – a Photography Tutorial

The other day I was asked, “how do you get the sky to be so blue in you photos?”

Truth be told, Mother Nature is doing the work for me – I’m simply capturing what she has to offer.

In a previous tutorial, I discussed a few basic shooting principles the first being: shoot in the direction of your shadow.

Now, there’s generally a lot more to be done than that if you’re shooting with a DSLR. You…

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