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The view from here

The view from here

Monday evening had to be one of the prettiest evenings we’ve had on a while! It’s the time of year when you check cows a couple times a day and heifers every three to four hours! Including all night. It’s great fun! We’ve got three heifers calved out and about a dozen cows.

I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.






What isn’t to love about scenery like this?

Happy Trails!


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Tuesday’s Tales - A Mad Mama Cow!

Tuesday’s Tales – A Mad Mama Cow!

This week, we go back to last year’s calving season:

I’ve heard it said that you don’t know what true fear is until you’ve been chased down by a mad mama cow. Now, as someone who’s only been on a ranch the past fivesix years or so, I don’t have a lot of experience tagging calves or being chased down by mad mama cows. I do know, however, that according to the boys, most of the time they’re just…

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Hey, baby!

While I was gone to Colorado this past week we had our first calf born. And then two more on Saturday. Sunday afternoon, a heifer calved and she wasn’t sure what this little creature was or where it had come from or that it even needed her! So the cowboy put her in her barn and then grabbed her baby!


What’s not to love about this image?

They’re both so dang good looking!

Happy trails!


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